Immigration Physicals

Dr. Polanco is an approved and official provider of the I - 693, Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status (GREEN CARD).  

His many years of experience in this field assure you of prompt and competent service to complete examination requirements for permanent residency.

We are extremely flexible in our scheduling and can frequently schedule same-day or next day appointments.  We can accommodate entire families in one visit.

To facilitate processing the paperwork for U.S. Immigration Physical Exams, it is helpful to bring the following documents:

  1. Picture identification (required).
  2. Your medical records (helpful).
  3. Your vaccine records, even as a child, if available (helpful).
  4. Alien Registration number if you have one (starts with an “A”).
  5. I-693 medical form if you have one, otherwise we will provide it.
  6. Supplement to Form I-693 if you have one, otherwise we will provide it.
  7. Any questions please call us at 719-260-9797!

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